I turned 28

I’ve just turned 28, it seems crazy to me I could be this old (I’m sure it terrifies my mother more though).

I took the day off work and spent the whole day doing things for me, no housework, no cooking and certainly no tidying (I tidy a lot)! I have not had the opportunity to do that for a while, so it was thoroughly enjoyable. I received some lovely presents and enjoyed a day in Clifton, wandering round the shops and enjoying coffee, cake and ciabatta at Spicer and Cole.

Birthday presents

Spicer and Cole

Spicer and Coel

Sam took me out to the new CAU restaurant on Clifton Triangle. It is a steak restaurant, however if you’re not a fan of red meat don’t be put off by that. I don’t eat steak and went for the BBQ burger, oh my gosh, it was the most amazing burger I’ve ever eaten (and I eat a lot of burgers). Although I asked for it well done and was just so succulent and melt in the mouth, the BBQ sauce is made in-house and the burger also come with huge onion rings coated in a crispy chilli batter. Sam had a sirloin steak with a side of fries, even I could tell it was a good steak and was almost tempted to try some it looked that good.

CAU drinks


CAU Churios

With cocktails on offer we couldn’t easily say no, we went for a mojito each….they went down a bit too easily. Although I was very full after the main, as it was my birthday I couldn’t not have dessert. We shared a plate of churios, tossed in cinnamon, it came with a small bowl of dulce de leche, the sauce was smooth and moreish, I would highly recommend them to anyone. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

I can’t wait to try Byron Burger next, it only opened yesterday!


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