Straight forward sew | Cushion

My husbands sister got married recently, however her and her new husband currently live on different continents so we weren’t sure on what to buy them as a gift, then we decided on something small, something personal, something they can put into their home when then finally move in together.

I had some light blue and white striped cotton from Avon Textiles at St Nicholas Market, Bristol. I cut the piece of fabric to 42cm x 92cm, the cushion pad itself is 38cm x 38cm and made the cover 1cm larger than this, although in the end it didn’t need to be. I decided to make the cover as simple as possible and therefore only had to sew two sides and hem the opening. I actually decided to only hem the unseen edge of the opening, as I left a massive allowance of the other edge. I didn’t follow a pattern as I figured it was easy enough to create (although I had to think about it more than necessary).





I found a pattern on Craftsy and have tweaked it slightly for the decoration. It is 22cm squared with a double boarder.



Overall it was relatively straight forward to create but I was gutted to find out my machine is leaking oil underneath. I didn’t find this out until I had to sew on the top square :( but luckily it’s not too obvious.


Now on to the Sorbetto top.


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