5 items new sewers should start with

I learnt to sew from the age of 5, however haven’t sewed much over the past ten years, I have done the odd fixing of clothes or sew some crochet together when necessary but nothing major. I recently returned to sewing when I made a cushion for  my sister-in-law, however I was super nervous about doing so, what if I make a mistake, what if I can’t remember how to use the machine? Although it quickly came back to me it was a slow start.

I have since read an article on Coletterie, highlighting five things beginner or nervous sewers should start with making. Starting from something simple enough you don’t even need to use a pattern, quickly increasing to improve your skills by installing zips, waistbands and pockets.

A pillow is the suggested first make and as a cushion was coincidently the thing I made recently I’ve decided to follow her suggestions, so next on my list is the Sorbetto top.

Coletterie Sorbetto Top

Picture from www.colettepatterns.com

I may have taken on too many projects recently but I’m going to start slowly and if others can do it so can I! My aim to have made the top by the end of the month, I’m sure that’s achievable….maybe.

On a side note, do you use the term ‘sewer’ or ‘sewist’? I prefer ‘sewer’ as I’m not entirely sure ‘sewist’ is a word, however when written it can obviously have a different meaning, any thoughts?


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