Little Soldiers do Don Quixote

I enjoy going to the theatre, and as Sam is a theatre director we’ve go more often than most. Some are scratch performances and only the beginning of something that could be really good, others are obviously finished and highly polished shows as well as lots more in between.

On Saturday evening we saw a performance at the Tobacco Factory Theatre directed by a friend and is being taken to the Edinburgh Fringe in September. It was The Ingenious Gentleman Don Quixote of La Mancha by Little Soldier Productions, I really enjoyed it (Sam was more interested in the design – no surprise there), if you don’t know Don Quixote is described as one of the first modern novels and is made up of about 600 various stories of Don Quixote’s many adventures. The performance was a handful of these adventures including windmills, blankets and fires, many funny bits and interaction with the audience, if you aren’t one who likes being pick on in shows I wouldn’t recommend you sit in the first few rows. It is made of a simple set with a myriad of props, if you go to the Fringe this year I would highly recommend you take the opportunity and spare an hour to go see the show.



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