Amsterdam – a weekend away

In February last year we went to Amsterdam for a short break before our wedding. I read in Lonely Planet (February 2012 edition) about ’52 best weekends away’, number 40 – A houseboat in Amsterdam. I booked it as a surprise for Sam, made sure he kept a couple of days free; after a short drive to the airport and an hours flight we quickly arrived at Amsterdam Schipol. Although I was very poorly while we were there, it was lovely to get away and was please I was able to keep it as a surprise for Sam.

We went visited the Artis Royal Zoo, rode the train, took a canal cruise and saw some of Vincent van Gogh work.


Left hand page:


Right hand page:IMG_1223

I decided to make this my first Project Life spread. I used the Becky Higgins Jade Edition kit with design D and design A photo pocket pages. I didn’t have many good photos but I did have a lot of souvenirs, tickets, maps and receipts, those that were usable were printed on a Canon Selphy CP10.

I decided on the bits I wanted to keep and recycled the things I didn’t really need or wouldn’t fit on a flat page, I also selected my few good photos and took an additional photos of a tiny pair of clogs I bought as a souvenir. From here I could see what I wanted to put on my pages and chose my layouts accordingly. I decided on a two page spread (as it was only a three day trip) and started to put things in position. I only used pritt stick glue to stick everything down, I know it might not be ideal and there are probably more suitable types of glue to use, but it works.

I included some cuttings from the guide book for the Vincent exhibition at the Hermitage (the actual museum was under refurbishment at the time) and a pin badge Sam bought for me.

photo 1 photo 2

If you ever get the chance to go to Amsterdam I would highly recommend visit Casa di David restaurant. It is  pretty pricey but desserts are totally worth it.

Overall it might be a bit cluttered but I’m really pleased how my first spread has turned out. I haven’t added any journalling to it yet as I’m hesitant about using the wrong ink, recommendations are more than welcome :)

What were your first Project Life pages like? 


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