Weekend Brunch at Bakers & Co.

After reading on both TigerLilly Quinn and Wild and Grizzly blogs I knew I had to visit the new Bakers & Co Cafe on Gloucester Road.

Although it is a bit of a walk for us to get there, the weather was lovely and we managed to arrive just before the rush. I treated Sam to Brunch, he did ask me to pick for him (which I always get nervous about however I think I picked well) but went for the Bakers Breakfast for him and I chose the Custard Toast with bacon and maple syrup.


IMG_3480 IMG_3479

I wasn’t even allowed to try Sam’s it was that good, he said the sausages were the best he’s ever had, I think they were sage and black pepper. The custard bread is a bit like eggy bread but sooo much nicer, as first glance I didn’t think there was enough maple syrup (I have a very sweet tooth), but it was actually perfect, they certainly have the amounts and combinations down to a tee already.


They have an open kitchen with white and turquoise tiles, driftwood shelving and a bar for additional seating. The cafe is surprisingly spacious with skylights making the place light and airy, with a relaxing atmosphere and a great little selection of children’s books, including Sam’s favourite ‘I want my hat back’ by Jon Klassen.


I will definitely be returning to try more of the menu and will certainly be taking one of their homemade cakes away with me as well.


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