When friends come to stay…

I enjoy it when friends visit Bristol for a few days who have never been before as it give me the chance to do things out of the norm such as visiting the zoo or doing a harbour cruise.
When Sam’s sister Faith came to stay recently it was a great opportunity for me to get Sam to visit the Clifton Observatory (he usually refuses to do things like that with me). After paying £4 each for the two attractions we first went up the spiral staircase to the camera obscurer, although slightly disorientated at first we figured out what we were looking at and I really enjoyed it. Although it was an overcast day you could still see all over the area, the bridge, the river, the downs, watching people walk past, it was great fun (well I thought it was anyway – I can’t say Sam agreed much).
Afterwards we visited St Vincent’s Cave (Ghyston), following a tiny path (which gets smaller and smaller) through the cliff to the cave mouth where you get an amazing view of the gorge and the suspension bridge, albeit slightly terrifying to look down through the platform to the busy road below. Sam took a step or two back when Faith decided to jump up and down on the platform which is not the solidest thing!
To cheer Sam up we went to The Coronation tap to try their own brewed cider, Exhibition, and finished the evening with board games, burger and chips at The Clifton pub….Sam lost badly at Buckaroo! Perhaps it wasn’t a great evening for him after all.

I’ve decided to not start weekly project life just yet, however I will be doing spreads on days out and short breaks to help me get into the swing of things.


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