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I am a hoarder. I am such a hoarder it’s not even funny…although I have to laugh otherwise I’d cry every time my husband mentions I should de-clutter or throw something away. I’m not half as bad as those you see on TV but I do own far too many things that I can’t part with, I love keeping mementos from traveling, trips to the zoo, clippings from magazines (I even have some magazines hidden at work from last summer).

IMG_1221 IMG_1220

When we moved in together a year ago I had to make room for Sam in my tiny tiny flat. Which led me to do something will all these mementos I’ve been collecting since I was young. I love paper crafts so I’m not sure how I hadn’t come across scrapbooking and art journalling earlier, maybe it was because of all the ugly paper and old lady embellishments I’d seen online and in stores; I’ve since realised American has way better scrapbook supplies than the UK. During one of my (many) trips to Hobbycraft I came across Project Life, although it was too much for me to justify at the time with a wedding to pay off. As soon as I started researching PL I found lots of brands and websites who sell affordable pretty scrapbooking supplies.

Over the past year I have gathered (ie. spent too much money on) lots of paper, embellishments, pens and washi tape, although often too nice that I don’t want actually want to use them….and more hoarding! Recently I took the plunge, bought a project life album and kit and am super excited to have also received my first Studio Calico project life subscription (July – Penny Arcade), I seriously can’t control my excitement.

I’m nervous when it comes to project life as there are so many corners of the internet with amazing documented PL that I feel I won’t ever be that good. But I have to remind myself all these wonderful people must have started somewhere, with little knowledge of what to do and where to start. Therefore I’ve decided to document my trials and tribulations of PL, the things I use, where I buy them and what my thought process are and the techniques I use as I’m sure there are others in the same boat (even if it is just to remind myself on how to do things).




2 responses to “Scrapbooking | Where I started

  1. oh my gosh. i should direct you to my first ever project life page. it was… well… not good. have fun! you’re going to be oh so very addicted.

    • I love your work and am addicted to your blog. I can’t imagine you’ve ever done bad pages! I can’t wait, thank you

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