First Wedding Anniversary

On Saturday we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. I can’t believe we’ve been married for a year already but at the same time it also feels like our wedding was a lifetime ago.

I thought the first anniversary was ‘paper’, however I’ve since found out that it’s American’s who celebrate paper, in the UK it is actually cotton. Although this actually worked out in the end as Crafty Husband bought me something cotton and I bought him a paper gift and I can’t wait to show it to you….

Sam is a Theatre Designer and loves getting inspiration from children’s books, so when I first saw Little big books in a local bookstore last year I knew I had to get it for him, but it quickly sold out and then I found out it is sadly no longer being published. I found it online in the end, I prefer to support local shops but it isn’t always possible (especially when things go out of print)!

Little Big Books is a book of amazing illustrations from children’s books, including illustrators such as Oliver Jeffers and Wolf Erbruch






I am also making something out of paper for our anniversary, however as with many other projects I have yet to finish it, oops.


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