DIY Friday | Crochet Pencil Holder

As I mentioned in my last blog post it was Crafty Husbands birthday recently. He’s just started a Masters degree so most of his presents were useful things for his course. However I couldn’t let the day pass without making him something, yes it was for his course but it was also something he’s been asking for for a long time….a pencil holder! Like a paint brush roll but for pencils, you know the sort.

I’m also impressed that I managed to make it in the space of 3 days, that’s almost unknown for me as I have so many projects on the go I rarely manage to finish anything quickly (I also wrote this post two weeks ago – yes, I am that slow at downloading my photos and posts).

I chose a blue-ish yarn from my stash (Wendy Supreme Luxury Cotton dk 1920 Soft Jade) and went off to Cath Kidson for some fabric (there isn’t much choice within easy walkable distance to me), but I also knew they’d have something perfect – Safari Cotton Duck.


The pattern is from Simple Crochet, it’s not exactly the same as I didn’t want/need the flap of fabric holding everything in (although now the Husband wants it) and the final piece was about half the size. Using a tunsian stitch the piece comes together very quickly, it took me two evenings to crochet the back panel then I sewed it all together the following morning. Tunisian crochet is slightly different to a usual crochet stitch as you crochet onto a long needle rather like knitting (but also nothing like knitting).




You might have noticed the top rolls inwards a bit, this is because I was in a bit of a hurry to finish it and sewed the crochet panel on perpendicularly as I didn’t have time to make it any taller. As you’ll see from the previous paint brush roll I made you can see it rolls inwards slightly at the edges, this isn’t so much of an issue as that’s where is rolls anyway..if that makes sense!

Here are a few photos of the paintbrush roll I made a few years ago (now much loved and painted on!).




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