Workspace Wednesday | Rifle Paper Co.

I love notebooks so it’s not much of a surprise I want to share them on my blog, what they look like, where they are from, what I use them for.

Bon Voyage

Back of Bon Voyage

Inside of Bon Voyage

For Christmas Crafty Husband bought me a new one, he knows me well! Its from Rifle Paper Co and is the Bon Voyage Travel Memoir notebook. Another thing I also love is travelling, it’s not something I’ve spoken about much but I spent a year of my life travelling the world, seeing the sights, learning about new cultures, making many memories. During that year I only travelled for 4 weeks of it with then Crafty Boyfriend, we were in America, visited Las Vegas, took a road trip up the west coast from San Diego all the way to Seattle, loved every minute of it.

The Rifle Paper Co notebook is for us to put in our many many ideas for future trips. I have a subscription for Lonely Planet magazine mainly so I can live my dreams through the articles and pictures. Rather than the dreams and ideas staying in my piles and piles of magazines Crafty Husband thought I should have somewhere to put them. This way when we actually want to go on a trip all the ideas will be in the one place. Although I have to admit I haven’t got very far in filling it up but I’m planning it is more of an on-going project rather than to do it one go. Our plans include a night away to a near by City we haven’t visited before, a weekend in a boutique hotel and a week in the south of France, I don’t ask for much!

Too many lonely planets

What do you put in notebooks? Do you have specific ones for specific things?


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