First Monday Catch-up (on a Tuesday)

We went to Derbyshire last weekend for a family wedding, well it was actually a wedding blessing, the real wedding was in Peru (we didn’t go). Mr Crafty loved seeing his family, he hasn’t been home for a while; unfortunately for me it did make him even more broody, his sister has two babies who he loved playing with (they are also very cute).

Most of my wardrobe is about 5-10 years old, I hate shopping, I’m seriously not kidding, I came out of a shop after trying on about 10 pairs of jeans in tears – none of them fitted. So when it came to having to buy an outfit for the wedding I was petrified. After weeks of worrying I went shopping one evening, hoping it wasn’t going to be too busy and came home surprisingly pleased. I went into the first shop and found two dresses, loved them both but couldn’t decide which but also thought I can’t buy the first dress I see, could I? After another hour or so of looking and finding nothing that suited me or was way above my price range I went back to the first shop and bought both the dresses. My plan was to see what Mr Crafty thought, he liked them both and asked why I couldn’t keep both? I got them in the sale and with almost 50% off it was kind of 2 for the price of 1, right?? I am going to three weddings this year so having another dress to wear wouldn’t be such a bad idea. I finally decided to keep both but still had the dilemma of which to wear at the weekend. The dresses are from Jack Wills, I may be slightly older than their target audience, but once you get past the tiny shorts and big prices you can often find a bargain, I decided on the navy blue with anchor print Thurley Dress.

As I hate shopping and rarely go on nights out I don’t have many high heels, however those that I do own are all Irregular Choice (shoe shopping I don’t hate so much as long as it is Irregular Choice or Converse). Some of their shoes can be a bit too outrageous, mine look understated in comparison, but I love them, I (currently) have 5 pairs. Deciding on my black pair of  Baby Beauty I was actually quite pleased with my outfit of choice. I remembered to take my big camera with us for the weekend but didn’t actually get any photographs of my outfit, but I will for the next two, I promise!

Here are some of the family instead….

Image               Image


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