Blogging Schedule

I’ve decided to write a few specific posts on a regular basis, about the things I make, about my life as a wife and about one of my passions…stationery! I love my notebooks, pens, photo albums, the little (and big) things I pick up in Hobby Craft for my craftiness.

On Mondays, I will write about my life, my weekends, what I’ve been up to, everyday things, also to be know as Monday Catch-up.
Workspace Wednesday will be about my notebooks and various tools I use for ideas and craft projects. I’m sure for those of you who feel the same about stationery it’s isn’t as boring as it sounds (I’m hoping)!
I’ll be showing you what I have been making on DIY Friday. This could be anything from sewing to crochet and cooking to paper crafts.

I’ll be starting this new blogging schedule from next week as sadly my iMac has decided to give up on me this week which means I need to get a new computer to get my photos off my camera on to the internet. Because what is a blog post if it doesn’t have any pictures?! Which means this time you get a grainy iphone picture of my newest addition to my notebook collection – find out more next week



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