Exciting News!!

My husband has officially moved in with me and I now feel like an actual married grown up lady, I don’t think I’ll get use to that for a while yet. I am also pleased to announce that after much arduous and lengthy house hunting we have finally found a wonderful flat. It has lots of character, high ceilings and amazing views. Originally not being able to decide on a particular location apart from it being walkable distance to the shops we just manned up (after long discussions) and picked an area which narrowed down our search area. Once we’ve moved I will update you with photos so will be able to follow our progress of setting up house together!

My mind is going full steam ahead with what I can make for the place, to put our stamp on it. Because I have lived in a one bed flat during the past 3 years I haven’t had space for my sewing machine but now with the large rooms and extra space I am very excited that I can finally start sewing again. As much as I love crochet and various paper crafts, I always feel there is something satisfying about sewing , maybe because it is often larger items or that you see the results quicker, but as I said I’m super excited about being able to make items for the house, they will be of varying materials and techniques. Perhaps some curtains or throw pillows to start with? I will be collecting my sewing machine in a few weeks, which gives me plenty of time to do some designing and creating of ideas.

Any suggestions of items or fabric would be very welcomed :)


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