A boy is moving in!

As I mentioned before I have recently got married, however you might be surprised to know that I don’t actually live with my husband at the moment, I moved for work to a new city 2 years ago and unfortunately he couldn’t move at the same time. For the past one year, eleven months and one week I’ve been living on my own, filling up the space in my one bed flat quite happily with as much paper and punches as I please. From tomorrow this will all change. I can’t believe that from tomorrow I will be living with a boy, a messy boy who is my wonderful (and sometimes smelly) husband, feeling quite like a grown-up right now and it’s scary.

I have been spending this weekend and the past few evening making space for him at the same time of not wanting to throw out my crafting materials or wedding shizzle I’ve been keeping for that scrapbook I’ll one day put together. Nevertheless I can be sure that it does mean I’ll be very organised and know exactly where every scrap of paper and slither of fabric is when I need to reach for it for the next project. Having said that, my husband is also crafty, which means I also need to make extra space for his huge chest of materials (for which I will now also be able to use, including his new top of the range hot glue gun)!

I think a trip to Ikea will be in order over the next week for many storage solutions for the small space I call home. However before all this can conceivably happen a takeaway is in order, you can’t possibly cook straight after moving house can you?! Chinese or Indian? Any suggestions?


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