Change your future

Whilst talking to my best friend on the phone last week I realised I always give advice but never actually listen to it myself. She reminded me that the past two years have flown by and the next two will do exactly the same. I often have these grand plans with what I want to do, life changing ideas, subjects to study, new projects to concentrate on, hobbies to start, places to visit, but when I can’t do what I want or get where I want straight away I think it’s too much effort  so give up at the first hurdle. I feel I haven’t really gained that much over the past two years, I haven’t really got much further (apart from the fact I recently got married!).

I have to stay where I am for at least the next two years but after that the world is my oyster as they say. Therefore I have two years to decide what I want to do and to actual go do it, I don’t have a timeline to follow or a deadline to achieve but I certainly have something to aim for, whatever that may be, which I didn’t have (or at least wasn’t aware of) before.

So here I am, beginning my new life as a married woman who likes cakey bakey crafty things, trying to be more organised, making new friends and planning my exciting new future.



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